If you are a fan of songs and music is one of those things which keep you going then here is a major treat for you. Today, I will tell you about the best free apps to download HD video songs on your phone. So that you won’t have to wait for a proper internet connection every time. Because I know, how frustrating a low internet connection can make you feel.

On the internet, you will find hundreds of free apps to download HD video songs but not all of them offer what they claim. That’s why we are here to tell you about the best 3 apps to download your favorite video songs and that too for free. So, without any further ado let’s get started:

Best Free Apps To Download HD Video Songs

In this section, we will talk about the 3 best free apps to download HD video songs right on your mobile. Also, we will give you a step-by-step guide to download and use these Free Songs Downloader Applications:

1: Snappea For Free HD Video Songs Download

Snappea for Android is the best choice if you are looking for a free app to download HD video songs on your android device. If you are an iPhone user then Snappea for macOS is also available. But we will focus on the Snappea for android here.

Snappea is the best free application you can download from Snappea official website without any registration. Using Snappea, you can download videos from any social media platform and whatever video you want in HD quality.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to download 1920×1080 HD video songs for free:

  • Go to the Snappea official website and download/install the application. After installation, the Snappea app will appear on your Home Screen.
Snappea- Best Free app
  • Now simply go to the youtube or any other application you want to download video from. Copy the link of video from there.
Snappea- Download HD Video Songs
  • Open Snappea on your phone and paste the copied link on the search bar available there. Then tap on the Search icon.
  • A number of file format and resolution options will appear on your screen. Choose the one which best suits your need and simply tap Download.
Best Free App to download HD Video Songs

That’s its video will be downloaded on your android after a while. The Snappea app supports almost every social media platform and 100 other video and music platforms.

2: Vidpaw

Just like Snappea, Vidpaw is another app you can use to download videos and songs on your mobile phones. Vidpaw supports over 1000 platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and many others to download Videos and songs for free.

Vidpaw is also available for Windows macOS so this is the best app to go for. This app allows you to download video songs in HD MP3 and MP4 format which is the best HD quality. Using Vidpaw is the same as Snappea.

Best Free app- Vidpaw to download HD videos
  • Copy the URL of video/song you want to download from any app or browser.
  • Paste that URL in the search bar of Vidpaw and then click download.

That’s it. Your favorite song or video will be download on your device. Vidpaw also has this feature that allows you to convert low-quality videos into high HD quality. Vidpaw supports the following formats:

Video DownloadSupport MP4, 3GP, and WebM from 144p to 720p Downloads with sound.
Video-OnlyYou can download MP4, 3GP, and WEBM in 1080p, 1440p, 2160p, and 4320p with no sound.
Subtitle Download Closed Captions in a certain YouTube video.
Audio DownloadDownload videos as audio files in M4A and WebM from 64kbps and up to 320kbps.

For me, Vidpaw is really one of the best free apps for HD video songs download.

3: SnapTube

SnapTube just like the other two is also available for both Android and macOS. You can use SnapTube to explore any website like YouTube and download whichever video. You can lose use SnapTube as a standalone mp3 or mp4 player.

You can download songs directly from SnapTube without pasting links from other websites and apps.

  • If you want to download videos from other websites or apps just copy the URL of that video and paste it into the SnapTube search bar.
  • Choose the file format and click download. That’s it, your HD video song will be downloaded on your phone.

Also, this is one of the best free apps which focuses on users’ privacy and safety too. Your data and activity will be protected and it will provide protection against all kinds of malware and viruses.

FAQ About Free HD Videos Downloaders

Q: How can I download HD video quality?

A: Visit youtube and go to the video you want to download. Navigate through the following path Filter>Features>HD. Click on HD and apply filters. If the download option is available you can download the video there on YouTube. If you are using a third-party app then copy the URL of the video after applying filters. And paste it into whatever app you are using.

Q: What are the best apps to download Video Songs?

A: Some of the best apps to download high-quality videos are:

  • YouTube
  • Videoder
  • SnapTube
  • Snappea
  • Vidpaw
  • NewPipe

Q: Why can’t I download youtube videos anymore?

A: According to the terms and policies of YouTube, users won’t be able to download videos from YouTube. You can create a playlist or save it to watch later. There are many apps and websites which allow you to download YouTube videos. Check them here: Download YouTube Playlist For Free.


So, that’s it for now. Snappea, Vidpaw, and SnapTube are the best free apps to download HD video songs only from your device. One thing which is common in all three of them is that you will get High-quality resolutions in your videos. There are other apps and websites too which can allow you to download your favorite songs and videos.

If you are using any other app for downloading videos, do tell us below in the comment section. Stay tuned to our website for more informative posts like this.